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intune.jpg Diablo inTune
Diablosport Predator programmer for 5.7L Hemi vehicles. A power programmer and hand-held scanner all in one.

intune.jpg Diablo inTune - 6.1L in Truck ECU
A custom version of our 5.7L Predator that gives full 6.1L capabilities with our 2005 Ram-based systems. A must-have for anyone running a 6.1L Hemi in a hotrod or Jeep.

cablex.jpg Cable-X Speedometer Adapter
The Cable X is the easy, cost-efficient way to operate your stock mechanical speedometer with a transmission equipped with vehicle speed sensor.

Abbott Enterprises GPS VSS Adapter
The GPS Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) replaces a conventional speed sensor with unparalleled accuracy. It creates a speed signal for the engine computer when no VSS output is available.

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