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Information on using the WA580 (Nag-1) Transmission

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Special Parts for Hemi Installations

  • Motor mounts and headers (B-body style) - TTI Exhaust
  • 2006 Jeep Grand Cherokee Gas Pedal - p/n: 52109683AC
  • 2007 Ram Gas Pedal - p/n: 53034003AB
  • Ambient Air Sensor - p/n: 1-56042395
  • 2004 Front O2 sensor - p/n: 56028994AA
  • 2004 Rear O2 sensor - p/n: 56028996AA
  • 2005 Front O2 sensor - p/n: 56028994AB
  • 2005 Rear O2 sensor - p/n: 56029049AA
  • 2005 Truck brake light switch - p/n: 5083344AA
  • 2005 Brake Light Switch mounting bracket - p/n: 56020144AG
  • MSD GMR Pickup - p/n: 8918 (to pick up tachometer signal for Hemi hot rod systems)
  • Dakota Digital SGI-5 - May be needed for hot rod Speedometer setup
  • Dakota Digital SGI-8 - May be needed for hot rod Tachometer setup
  • Dakota Digital p/n: SEN-4165 - 8K Pulse Magnetic Pick-up coil for transmissions without a speed cable or VSS output.
  • 3-wire VSS sensor for older Chrysler Automatic transmissions (833,904,727 etc) - p/n: 5013660AA (also need to buy the correct calibration gear)
  • Engine Temp Sending unit for 84 era Jeep CJ's - BWD Automotive #WT125
  • 2005 Jeep Wrangler Fuel Pump Module - p/n: 5161335AB - Can be used with some Jeep TJ Hemi conversions to get the correct fuel pressure.
  • In-tank OE-style fuel pumps are always preferred.
  • When you can't use an In-tank fuel pump, you can try an in-line electric fuel pump - Welbro GSL391 puts out 70psi, Welbro GSL392 is 85psi. Can be combined with Corvette filter listed below, return line is needed.
  • Corvette 99 and up Fuel Filter & Regulator - p/n: 1029-9146 (circulates fuel at the regulator, converts dual fuel lines to a single fuel line for the LS and Hemi engine)
  • Dorman 800-155 Double Bead Fuel line 3/8" x 12" works very well to adapt the female side of the 99 Corvette Fuel Filter/Regulator.
1999 Corvette Fuel Filter

Jeep TJ Wrangler NVLD Parts List:

  • 52059627AB - Bracket, Vapor Canister
  • 52059630AB - Canister, Vapor
  • 04891564AB - Filter, Leak Det Pump Base
  • 04891427AB - Detector, Natural Vacuum Leak Detection
  • 52059628AA - Hose, Canister to NVLD
  • 52059633AB - Hose, NVLD to Filter

GM Injectors:

GM Injectors

Trouble shooting tools:

  • Wilmar TBI fuel injector tester (Noid) light - Used to test injector and coil pulses.
  • Extech Infrared thermometer p/n: 42529 - Used to measure heat of exhaust manifold to find non-firing cylinders.

Hemi Technical Information:

  • Any 2003 to 2008 Hemi motor can be run on a 2005 Ram computer for simplicity.
  • The pre-2003 45RFE Automatic Transmission valve body is not compatible with Hemi systems.
  • The 2011+ 545/65RFE Automatic Transmission valve body is not compatible with earlier years

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I add an engine temp sending unit to my Gen-3 Hemi engine?
  • How can I tell if my salvage Hemi computer has security?
    • Check the ignition key from the donor vehicle, if the key is thick and gray then the computer has security. A thin black key means no security. You can also take the VIN number from the donor vehicle and contact your local Chrysler dealer.
  • How do I get a tachometer signal from my Hemi system?
    • Clip an MSD GMR Pickup (p/n: 8918) to one of the pink/yellow coil wires to get the signal. Set your tachometer to '2'. If your tachometer doesn't have this setting then you can use a Dakota Digital SGI-8 signal processor to multiply the signal x4.
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