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Jeep TJ Hemi Conversions
We build a new engine harness for the Hemi of your choice and we modify your existing Fuse Block harness to meet the requirements of your new engine.


The 5.7L truck engine is a better fit although the 5.7L LX Engine and the 6.1L Hemi engine will work for this application. We recommend a 1 body lift for the Hemi conversion in a TJ.

Conversion Price List

We have new computers and computer re-programming available to make your Jeep meet state requirements for vehicle inspection.

Computer Price List

We carry a number of accessories such as motor mounts and radiators to make your install go smoothly.

Accessory Price List

  • Jeep made many changes to the TJ over the years, so we have to modify the fuse block harness from your vehicle to work with the new Hemi engine and transmission.
  • Remove the fuse block harness from your TJ. The fuse block is located on the front right fender well. Unplug all connectors as close to the fuse block harness as possible and remove the battery cables. DO NOT CUT ANY WIRES!
  • You will need to send us the Fuse Block harness from your TJ for modification.

    Send to:
    Squier Inc.
    256 Polk Rd. 43
    Mena, AR 71953

  • When you get the conversion back from us, re-install the fuse block harness to it's original location.
  • Lay the new Hemi engine harness over the engine with the trunk of the harness sitting just behind and below the right side fuel rail.
  • For 6.1L Hemi motors you will need to remove the intake to route the harness. The main sensor branch with A/C Compressor, Engine Temp, Oil Press, Throttle body, etc will lay under the intake.
  • Locate the Driver and Passenger side items and route them around the intake to the correct locations and plug them in.
  • Mount the Hemi computer in the factory location and plug in all the connectors.
Installation of the wiring is pretty much complete at this point but there are some additional items that you may need to address depending on the year of your TJ.

  • 1997-2000 TJs - You will need to upgrade your instrument cluster. We provide all the information you need to make this swap.
  • Pre 2005 TJs - You will have to upgrade to the 2005-2006 fuel pump module. A complete 2005-2006 fuel tank and NVLD system upgrade is required for a working check engine light.
  • Various Year TJs - Some will have to add sensors such as: Battery Temp, Ambient Air Temp, etc.
  • You may have an orange open wire under the dash labeled "Overdrive Off Switch". You can hook this wire up through a momentary switch to a ground if you want to be able to disable the overdrive.
  • Some older systems will have 2 open wires you need to hook in to your factory brake light switch. These wires will be labeled if they are there.
* We have experienced staff providing technical support for all our harnesses.

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