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for modern GM, Chrysler and Ford fuel-injection systems using all new wire and OEM components.

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Computers and Programming
We provide new, programmed OEM computers and used programming services for most of our harnesses.

Chrysler Hemi computer prices are listed on our price list.  All other Chrysler and GM computers are special-order items, contact us for pricing.

Computer Price List

Some things to keep in mind:
  • Newer vehicles that are getting an engine swap will require that the correct VIN number be programmed in the computer.
  • Donor vehicle information is critical to make sure you buy the right thing. Get the donor vehicles year, make and model.
  • We can remove or bypass security on most OBD2 (1996 & up) computers.
We can provide custom programming for GM and Chrysler. Call us for information on our capabilities.

Chrysler Computer Protocols

The modern Chrysler fuel-injected motors have gone through 4 major computer types and 3 major communication protocols in the last 15 years. It is important to recognize these changes if you are trying to do an engine swap in a newer Chrysler vehicle.

  • Up until approximately 1995, Chrysler used the SBEC (Single Board Engine Controller) computer which was a single plug computer that used the CCD bus to communicate. The transmissions during this time were not electronically shifted and the computer only had to control the torque converter lockup and the Overdrive.
  • The CCD bus is a 2-wire twisted pair communication bus to network all the vehicles computer modules.
  • Starting around 1996 and lasting until approx. 2002, Chrysler used the JTEC (Jeep/Truck Engine Controller) computer which started out using the CCD bus and (around 2000) switched over to the PCI bus. The JTEC computer is a 3 plug controller that is capable of controlling an electronic transmission directly or using an external transmission controller. (usually of the SBEC type)
  • The PCI bus is a single wire communication bus, again shared by all the computers on the network.
  • In 2003 Chrysler came out with their NGC (Next Gen Controller) computer. This computer started out using the PCI bus and in 2005 started using the CAN bus for networking. The NGC computer is capable of controlling the latest electronic transmissions internally or working with an external transmisson controller.
  • The rapid computerization of modern cars has caused the networking of those computers to become more complicated. The CAN bus used in modern Chrysler vehicles is actually 3 separate computer networks that are tied together by the "Gateway" module. The CAN-C bus controls all the chassis and drivetrain communications. The CAN-B bus handles all the computers in the body of the vehicle and the CAN-C Diagnostic (sometimes called CAN-D) is used for scanning and programming the computers in the vehicles.
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