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"We Do The Work So You Can Play!"

Serving the after-market with the highest quality engine and transmission wiring harnesses
for modern GM, Chrysler and Ford fuel-injection systems using all new wire and OEM components.

Information on using the WA580 (Nag-1) Transmission

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Squier, Incorporated

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Squier, Inc. was started in 2001 by Tony and Linda Squier in Mena, AR. The company has established itself as a supplier of high-end systems for fuel injection engines.

We develop form-fitted engine harnesses for all the popular GM and Chrysler engine systems, utilizing all OEM components. The object of these wiring harnesses is to have the wires well organized on the engine so that they disappear as much as possible and donít detract from the look of the engine; all this while functioning to the complete OEM specs for engine control and emissions.

Another benefit of designing our harnesses this way is that it makes the harness very easy to install. When the harness is laid out on the engine block, all the connections are labeled and placed in their proper locations for hook-up.

We currently offer over 70 different harness systems for fuel injected motors, from the early TBI to the current LS and Hemi engines. Our harnesses fully support the Drive-by-wire systems from GM and Chrysler.

We specialize in building custom applications to fit your vehicle. These include late model vehicles with fully integrated systems for engine swapping. The best example of this would be replacing the 4.0L engine with a Hemi engine in the late model Jeepís while maintaining compliance with full emissions.

We also provide full tech service for our products.

Squier, Inc.
256 Polk Road 43
Mena, AR 71953

(479) 243-9115
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